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29-Aug-2017 06:41

As part of the Fire Safety program, CSC has established a Commissioner's Directive (CD) on Fire Safety (CD 345) as well as CSC's Fire Safety Manual, which incorporates some of the requirements established in: CSC is responsible for the prevention and control of fire in its facilities which presents unique challenges for those involved in their administration, as the security and the custody of inmates are the major operational considerations in the management of this program.

A summary of arson/fire loss reports for the last 9 years, provided by the Corporate Services sector at NHQ, indicates that approximately 83% of reported fires occurred in locked medium, maximum, multi-level, segregation, or psychiatric Living Units.

Debriefings occurred with senior managers at the institutional and regional levels.

At each debriefing, a narrative report was provided outlining the audit team's preliminary observations and findings.

The audit of the Fire Safety program was conducted as part of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) Internal Audit calendar for 2005/2006.

Based on the possible impact and risk associated with this activity, the purpose of this audit was to perform an independent review of the performance of this function, to assess the level of compliance to policies as well as assess the adequacy of the current management and policy framework over this activity.During the last 5 years, CSC averaged losses of $ 80,000 every year as a result of a reported total 417 fire related incidents.